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Academic Section

1.Functions of the Academic Section :-

(i) Preparation/Revision of Syllabi and Curriculum for Secondary Education as  per recommendation of Syllabus Committee

(ii) Printing, Publication of Text Books.

(iii)  Arrangement of Orientation Programme of Secondary Teachers to up-date their knowledge and skill, in tune with the changes of Syllabi and  Curriculum and with the changes of teaching methods and approaches in various compulsory subjects.

(iv) Approval of “Computer Application” as an addl. Subject in Classes IX & X following the campaign of “Computer Literacy” at the school level and           also as a project activity in work education from class VI to VIII.

(v) Approval of Books published by the private publishers according to          syllabus prepared by the Board.

(vi) Publication of Parshad Varta – the monthly organ of Board.

(vii) Orientation Programme of Teachers in collaboration with the Health  Department and UNICEF on Life-Style Education.

(viii) Organization of Workshops/Seminers by the Board with the active           support of the resource persons belonging to different educational           organizations and departments.

2.Publication of Books by the Board :-

 (A) The following books published by the Board as per New Syllabus in the        session 2005-06.

          (i)  Learning English :– Class IX

          (ii) Ganit :- Class VIII (Bengali, English, Hindi Medium)

          (ii) (a) Bengla Sikhi-I :- for Class VI (text books for non-bengali students as third language)

               (b) Bangla Sikhi-I :- for Class VI, Lekhar Bai (Anusilani)

          (iv)  Patha Sankalan IX & X (Bengali)

          (v)  Sahayak Path IX & X (Bengali)

(B)  The following books are to be published by the Board in the year 2006-07.

           (i)  Learning English :– Class X

          (ii)  Ganit :– Class VIII (Bengali, English, Hindi)

         (iii) (a) Bangla Sikhi–II :- For Class VII (text books for non-Bengali students as
                    third language.

              (b) Bangla Sikhi-II :- For Class VII Lekhar Bai (Anusilani)

         (iv) (a) Path Sankalan : – For Class IX & X (Hindi 1 st language)

              (b) Sahayak Path :– For Class IX & X

              (c) The responsibility of publication of following books in the Hindi Medium as                    per approval has been given to the private publishers.

Name of the Text Book

Assigned Class

Status of Language

Hindi text book

Class VI to VIII

Hindi First Language

Rapid Reader







Class IX & X


(D)  Nepali- The following books have been published by the Board as per new                    syllabus:-

Name of the subject

Books assigned to class





Physical Science


Life Science


Paribesh Porichoy


Nepali third language


(E) Urdu

       The responsibility of publication of books in Urdu medium as per new
       syllabus has been given to the W.B.U. Academy.

       The text Books “ Paribesh Porichoy for Class VI to Class X are in the process of        publication by the Board in pursuance of Hon’ble Supreme Court’s order. Along       with this the books from private publishers are also being approved after they       are examined by the concerned experts.

(F) (1) Paribesh Parichoy for Class VI to X are in the process of publication by the            Board.

     (2) The list of Secondary Schools (Recognised by the Board) has been published
           by the Board in this year 2005-06.

     (3) The sample question book as per new syllabus IX & X has been published by            the Board in the year 2005-06.

    (4) Publication of Braille Books for the visually disadvantaged students in          collaboration with Ramkrishna Mission & other organizations.

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