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  Name and functions of the Section

Name of the Section

Functions in brief

Deputy Secretaries in change with phone Numbers

  Administration   and

  Staff matters, upkeep and   construction of the buildings of   the Board, logistics, security and   D.P. of staff of schools.

Deputy Secretary(admn)


  All academic matters, approval of   text books, drafting of syllabi and   curricula.

Deputy Secretary(academic)


  Administration of the schools,   matters of the Managing   Committee and inspection of the   schools.

Deputy Secretary


  All matters relating to conducting   of the Madhyamik Pariksha and   publication of results thereof.

Deputy Secretary(exam) -033-22291250


  According recognition to schools,   de-recognising schools and   related matters

Deputy Secretary (Admin)


  Deals with the legal matters of   the Board

Asst.Secy(Law)&SO (law)


  Deals with the financial aspects of   the Board.

Deputy Secretary(Finance)

  Special Duty(*)

  Deals with the cases of   administration of the schools,   handling the affairs of Executive   Committee, preparation of   reports and returns

Officer on special
duty& Asst.Secy


  Deals with the preservation,   upkeep, verification and updating   of records pertaining to   examinees of the Board since   inception.

Deputy Secretary
(Record correction & Record verification)

  Identification of eligible students   and other related correspondence
Asst. Secretery



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